Voice Meridians Analysis technology (六 聲 素)

Any technology that works is based on the laws of nature.

Long-term studies of the phenomena of philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine led to the creation of a special physical model based on the ether theory, which was widely used in science before Einstein.

The model logically explains the effects described by the theories of the Five Elements and Six Chi as a result of the movement of a special form of matter. 

Rene Descartes (March 31, 1596, February 11, 1650) proposed in 1644 that no empty space can exist and that space must consequently be filled with matter. 

The parts of this matter tend to move in straight paths, but because they lie close together, they can not move freely, which according to Descartes implies that every motion is circular, so the ether is filled with vortices. 

It is the vortex movement that determines the cyclical nature of the processes formally described by the book of changes in the I Ching.

 The developed physical model describes the instantaneous energy state of a point in space as a balance of six synthetic forces lying on the axes of a Cartesian coordinate system centered at a given point. And such forces predetermine the existence of only 6 Qi of Chinese philosophy.

These synthetic forces are the sum of the projections of all real forces acting at a given point. Each of the 6 forces generates a reaction force (in accordance with Newton's third law). This leads to the emergence of a system of 12 interacting forces, which are correlated with the 12 main meridians in the theory of acupuncture of Chinese traditional medicine. 

If the question arises about the origin of the 5 elements in Chinese philosophy, then the answer is as follows: one of the six interacting forces is the main external force in relation to the rest and which will generate all the others by its impulse of action. That is why, if you project the forces in terms of action and reaction (Yin and Yang) on 12 meridians - in “the theory of zang-fu organs” (臟腑 學說), there will be only 11 systems. And the Pericardium meridian is the system through which the external environment influences the body. The ruling peculiarity of Pericardium is known from its name - the Fire-Minister element.

The vortex motion of the ether leads to the fact that each of the 12 forces undergoes cyclical changes - oscillations at certain frequencies. Thus, the spectral analysis of vibrations at a point in space allows you to isolate and compare the vibrational energy of each of the 12 forces.

The mutual balance of vibrational energy between the forces predetermines the harmony of the existence of a point as an integral indivisible object of space - an atom.

From this point of view, the harmony of vibrations of the organism as a manifestation of the action of 12 interacting forces are objective indicators of the integrity of the existence of the organism in space and time. In other words - harmony is the measure of health.

The analysis presented here makes it possible to calculate the power of the 12 forces in the simplest and most natural way since the human voice carries complete information about their interaction.

Instructions for using voice analysis of meridians are available at the following link:

Disclaimer - The technology presented here is experimental and not intended for official medical use. Any use of the technology is carried out by the customer at his own sure, risk and responsibility.

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