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Hidden properties of the circulation of vibrational life energy in the daily cycle of metabolism

Based on the properties of the model of an elementary cube we have found the place of each acupuncture meridian let’s reconstruct the trajectory of movement of the impulse of vibrational life energy during the day. We select the Pericardium meridian – PC – as the beginning of the cycle (in TCM this is the Heart meridian – the reasons for this difference are shown in the article “Elements of Life” In addition, the Pericardium is located at the very beginning, as far as it has the lowest vibration frequency in comparison with other elements in the matrix of DNA […]

Elements of DNA codons in the context of minerals of Dr. Alexander Samokhotskiy

In our work dated 2016 the inter-relationship of the meridians with the elements of DNA codons has already been declared on the basis of the spectral characteristics of the acupuncture meridians. Below there is the revised table of correlations, the properties of which will be provided with the corresponding information later . What conclusions can an inquisitive therapist draw from the information provided? – It would be necessary to study how it affects metabolism, for example – how works calcium of CCC triplet (encodes the amino acid Proline)? It is well-known fact that proline has a considerable representation in […]

The secret of the DNA triplet.

In modern science, you will not find an explanation – why DNA (or RNA) codons work as triplet structures. Why 3 bases, and not 4, 5 or more, are an elementary unit that encodes the synthesis of a certain amino acid? Modern biological science shrugs its shoulders and sadly says: -This is a natural phenomenon. However, the latest study, considering the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine from the perspective of geometry (the hypothesis of the elementary cube), gives an extremely clear, accurate and obvious answer. Let’s start with Nikola Tesla’s statement: “If you want to find the secrets of the […]

Chinese philosophy as a reflection of Descartes’ physics

Descartes’ physics is a description of the properties of three-dimensional space. The demiurges who created our civilization left evidence of the fact of creation. The very fantastic name – Rene Descartes (Renati Des-Cartes) is translated into an encrypted message – “Reviving This World”: from “Ren, renati” arose the name of the kidneys in medicine, which also in Chinese philosophy are the source and guardian of life, “Des” is a pointer to something, “Cartes” – a map, a quadrangle, a square, a quarter – a manifestation of the quadrants of the three planes of the three-dimensional world, dividing space into 8 […]

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